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Fleuriste Glendenning Flowers

Picual Reserva Familia (Spain)

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Crush Date: October 2021

Excellent estate produced Picual from the Aguilar mill in Andalusia, Southern Spain.

Thanks to its early harvest, this oil has a beautiful, intense, herbal, and floral aroma typical of the variety. The overall intensity is medium-robust as it is bursting with spicy herbal flavors of grass, green banana, mint, black pepper, and many other subtle characteristics – making it very complex.

This green oil’s harmony is perfect, and its freshness and aromas abound!

Polyphenols: 518/FFA:0.18/Oleic Acid:76.6%/Peroxide:3.5/DAGs:98.1%/PPP:<1.0%

Paul Vossen quality score: 98/100

Peak Freshness: February 2023

Perfect Add On

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