Plant Spring

Plant Spring

Did you ever notice that plants really do have their own spring? I don’t think it’s anything official but it’s definitely something I’ve learned over years of plant keeping. I haven’t really looked up why this happens but my guess is that it starts to happen when the light changes, when the sun sticks around a bit longer and the sun beams are reaching further into the house.  

Maybe you didn’t notice, maybe you’re new at plant keeping, maybe you don’t have any plants.. so let me tell you what you can look for: 

Sudden growth:  

You spent the winter wondering if a plant was .. alive? You keep watering it, it doesn’t look dead but it hasn’t produced a leaf all winter.  That’s because in the winter your plants go dormant, barely alive but not dying.  During plant spring, you’ll notice a fresh new leaf or leaves ! How fun.  

The soil gets dry quick:

So you’re noticing a plant that you only watered once a week all winter now needs to be watered a little more and you’re getting frustrated and wondering why? Plant spring.  Maybe your plant isn’t showing above soil growth but I’d bet they’re working on their root system.  The more nutrients the plants need to grow, the more thirsty they are !

Plants are showing damage:

One of the parts I hate about plant spring is that when a plant isn’t  getting exactly the care it needs, the leaves start to show signs in the spring.  You’ll see wilted leaves, yellowing of leaves, sometimes brown spots.  This isn’t always deadly, but it sure is a hint that you need to attend to this baby and fast. 


One of my favorite indicators of plant spring is the flowers ! I have a harder time to keep flowering plants but I do have a few and they’re all starting to bloom.  Some of my favorite blooming right now are: oxalis, cyclamen and the African violet. 

What should we do in plant spring? 
I always find that this is the best time to check in with your plants more often and see how their needs have changed with the new season.  Maybe you need to water more or less, maybe your plant needs fertilizer, new soil or a new spot.  

Not sure where to start? Ask your plants! 

Happy plant spring.




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