Our Story

Did you know that our story starts in Montreal? It does! Judy started our journey in the 80s by taking night classes from a certified Florist in Montreal.  Shortly after she gained her certification she moved to Bathurst and purchased Glenn's Flower Shop in 1985. 

Leigh soon followed developing her own love for flowers and design, working with Judy.  Flower shops decline in popularity and Leigh finds herself working in other domains.  Years after, Leigh purchases Glendenning's Canteen and converts half into a flower shop of her own, opening the doors for her daughter Stephanie to follow the tradition. 

Not knowing what she was in for, Stephanie jumps right in, finding a undiscovered passion of her own. Stephanie is happy to continue the family tradition of floristry.

40 years of industry experience, 10 years after opening, Glendening's Flowers stands strong and proud.  We are passionate about sharing our love for flowers and design; we do our best to make sure our customers are always happy to return.